What is a Bingo Burger?

We mix fire-roasted pueblo chiles into our Colorado grass-fed beef, then cook it order for a taste like no other!

What oil do you use in your fryers?

Canola oi... and it's trans-fat free!

What does 'medium temperature' mean when I order a burger?

The center of your burger will be slightly pink.

Where do the names of the Legendary Burgers come from?

Neighborhoods in our cities are so legendary we named our burgers after them!

Why are the Pueblo chiles red and not green?

We prefer our fire-roasted chiles with even more flavor-our farmers leave them on the vine a bit longer, deepening their flavor and heat.

How did you come up with the name Bingo Burger?

We wanted a visit to bingo to be fun for everyone, and who doesn’t enjoy bingo? Read more about the name Bingo Burger and our orgins on the About Us page.

Who is Aunt Pickles?

She is our beloved aunt prudence ‘pickles’ bingovich, the patron saint of bingo!

Are you a chain?

We have two locations, and are proud that both are chef-owner-operated!

How big are your burgers?

That’s up to you! with our ‘build your own’ burger option, the sky’s the limit!